Heart disease in women is a major problem in this day and age. Knowing the causes and symptoms can help you identify if there are any warning signs present.

Heart disease in women is a major problem that needs special attention. Certain things that pertain only to women have the effect of making this group of people at risk. Women who maintain hygienic health and good lifestyle before 50 years are at less chance of the heart disease at later a part of their life. By skipping the quantity of soda drinks that women intake every single day, the chances of getting attacked with heart relevant diseases could be diminished.

Heart disease is a ailment that occurs in cardiac performance occurs as a result of disturbance of the heart to function blood due to several factors. Heart disease arises due to an unhealthy lifestyle that cause this disease, there are also some diseases that may have an impact on heart health too. For that, we need to know in early stages about the early symptoms of the heart disease.



When a women’s body stops producing estrogen they’re at greater risk for getting heart disease. Estrogen helps you to insulate a women’s body from getting the condition. This fact is particularly true if menopause occurs because of surgery. If a women has surgery to get rid of the ovaries or the uterus then your chances of them getting cardiovascular disease increases significantly.

Birth Control Pills

Women who take birth control pills put themselves at risk of getting heart disease. In an effort to protect yourself out of this condition is recommended that the pills be low-dose. The low dose will be gentler on the body, specifically the heart. With that in mind, women who are on birth control and light up or have high blood pressure are at high risk for heart disease.

Poor Lifestyle Habits

Much like men, women who are in the habit of not exercising and eating poorly are in a greater risk for getting heart disease. A lack of exercise will oftentimes be combined with high cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol compared to chance of having a narrowing or hardening from the arteries improves. Also, eating a poor diet will mean that you are putting food to your body that can poison it. In short, fatty foods will lead to the production of plaque in the arteries that will ultimately begin to build up around the interior walls of the arteries


Tired of Excessive

Work or strenuous exercise to become one of the appearance of fatigue. You have to be vigilant, if light exercise then easily tired. Approximately 70 % of these are the early the signs of heart disease, caused by a lack of oxygen towards the heart.

Sweat Out Without Activity

Sweaty hands or part of the body is often associated with heart problems. When you’re not doing activities that drain sweat or sudden sweating, beware. This really is one indication that heart disease is also characterized by a pale face.

Shortness of Breath

The hallmark feature of other Heart Disease Shortness of breath is due to thickening of the blood vessels that block the blood flow to the entire body. This also causes the irregular heartbeat, liver disorders or infections, thickening from the heart muscle, and abnormalities from the heart valves.

Heart Disease Symptoms

Heart Disease Symptoms

Irregular Heartbeat

Should you experience irregular heartbeat, may be worth to watch out because it may cause fatal. irregular heartbeats usually last since there is thickening of the muscle of the heart valves. This resulted in a narrowing of the subject took place on the valve to cause a leak.


Insomnia is really a symptom of heart disease is experienced by many people women. Sleep disturbance can lead to upper respiratory tract is blocked. It causes impaired respiratory system and makes a heart attack much more likely. Women experience this a minimum of a month before a heart attack. If you often awaken in the night with cold sweats and difficulty breathing, then you should consult a doctor.